Meditation is simply turning the mind inward to gently focus on the silence. It is natural and effortless with some instruction.

There are many benefits from meditation: reducing stress, fatigue, blood pressure, intensity of pain, anxiety, and depression; increasing energy and mental clarity; support for addiction recovery; and so much more.

Meditation is not the same as prayer and is not intended as a replacement for prayer.  It is simply a connection with source energy without any specific reference to any set of beliefs or religious practice.  It is Universal – and available to any one willing to sit and allow.

Meditation instruction is available for beginners and for those looking to deepen their practice.

A Glimpse into Meditation is a half hour presentation for those who have thought about looking into meditation and just haven’t gotten around to it.  It gives those who attend a brief experience with a guided form of meditation  as well as information on the benefits and what can be expected from the practice and study of meditation.

Introduction to Meditation is a two hour course intended for those who are curious about meditation but are not sure they are ready to commit to a five week course.  Students learn the basic steps for beginning a personal meditation practice.  Expanded information on the benefits of meditation is included as well as an introduction to the notion of mindfulness and what meditation can add to your life.

Fundamentals of Meditation is a course for those who have some knowledge or experience with meditation and are looking for support in establishing a personal practice.  This is a five week course that meets for two hours each session to provide some basic instruction on “how to meditate” and allows you to have some experiences, ask questions, and see if meditation is something you want to add into your life.